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GASCO and its employees take great pride in being able to deliver very competitively priced propane and exceptional service to all customers. Satisfied customers are the foundation upon which GASCO is built.

Having provided affordable propane to our customers since 1937 allows us insight into customer service that many of our local and national competitiors simply do not have.
Most importantly, each and everyone of our customers is an individual. As individuals, all of our customers have different perceptions and requirements. Accordingly, we offer several different payment, pricing and delivery options to satisfy each individual customer's needs.

Rest assured, whether you are a new customer, potential customer, or an existing customer, GASCO is the wise choice for all of your propane related needs.

A variety of different payment options are available to GASCO customers.

Our first option is the Discount for Cash payment method. A discount of 15 cents per gallon, metered or delivered, is allowed if payment of the delivery invoice is received within 10 business days of the sale. (10 cents per gallon if paid by credit card within 10 business days.) The day on which the delivery or sale is made does not count in the 10 day period. To compute your allowable discount, simply multiply gallons purchased times 15 cents per gallon and subtract that amount from your total invoice. (i.e. 250 gallons purchased x .15 per gallon = $37.50 total discount) Any invoice that remains unpaid 30 days after delivery is subject to a late charge of 1.5% per month. Take advantage of our Online Payment Option and never miss a payment due to late or substandard mail delivery. Online payments may be made via Visa or Mastercard.

Our second option is the Budget Payment Plan. Customers utilizing this payment method are invoiced a fixed monthly amount based upon their annual propane consumption and their current rate. All deliveries are invoiced to the customer at the discounted cash price provided that all budget payments are current. Budget payment plan customers are not assessed a finance charge on their unpaid balance.

A third option is the Pre-Purchase Plan. This option is only available for subscription between May 1 and August 31st of each year. The Pre-Purchase plan option allows you to secure a firm price, at summer rates, for propane deliveries made throughout the ensuing heating season. (September 1 through March 31st). Please contact us for the specifics of the Pre-Purchase Plan.

Another option is Guaranteed Pricing. When taking advantage of this plan you are guaranteed a "not to exceed" rate for your heating season propane purchases.

The final option is Cash on Delivery. Needless to say, most customers find this method inconvenient. So do we.

Our terms of sale are quite simple. Keep your account current (no unpaid balance older than 45 days from delivery) and we will continue to supply you with propane.

We understand that unexpected events can occasionally place our customers in unintended financial circumstances. Should you find yourself unable to maintain your account in "current" status please contact us as soon as possible. We will work with you in setting up a deferred payment agreement to keep your service from being interrupted.

Some people don't like to pay their bills. We discourage this practice and punish offenders ruthlessly.

There are four consumer storage options available for providing propane service.

GASCO Rental Tank Service is by far our most popular option. Utilizing this option, the propane tank and associated first and second stage regulators are supplied free of charge to you, as long as you purchase an average of more than 500 gallons (330 gallon tank) of propane annually. Should you not meet the 500 gallon (330 gallon tank) minimum annual requirement, a rental fee will be charged to your account. Installation is provided free of charge within 25 feet of your dwelling. You only pay for fittings and the first stage gas line in excess of 25 feet. A gas system integrity and safety check are also performed at no cost to you at the time of installation. Any maintenance that the rental system may require is performed free of charge. This includes exterior leak or pressure tests, regulator replacement, and routine tank maintenance and painting.

GASCO Metered Tank Service is an option that appeals to many low volume or seasonal use customers. You only pay for the gas you use and an annnual meter charge of $75. There is an annual minimum purchase requirement of 100 gallons and a one time installation charge of $125.

Customer Owned Propane Service. You own the entire gas system and are responsible for its maintenance and repair after installation. If you prefer this option, we will install the tank, high and low pressure regulator and first stage gas line. Current costs to install a Customer Owned service within 25 feet of your home:

500 gallon above ground tank and system $1599

1,000 gallon above ground tank and system $2495.

Underground Propane Tank service is becoming a more attractive option for our customer's that would rather not see a propane tank in their yard, have geographic, or residential zoning constraints. Underground propane tanks are only provided on a customer owned basis and are currently unavailable as a GASCO rental tank. Please feel free to contact us for further information regarding underground propane tank installation and associated costs.

500 gallon under ground tank and system $2595

1,000 gallon under ground tank and system $2995.
*Does not include excavation

GASCO provides Lift Truck Fueling services to a broad variety of industrial and commercial enterprises. GASCO Lift Truck Fueling customers are serviced exclusively with 30# aluminum cylinders. The primary advantage of a 100% aluminum lift truck cylinder is the decreased likelyhood of employee injury during cylinder replacement. Due to the aluminum cylinder's empty weight being less than 23 pounds, as compared to steel cylinders that may weigh as much as 50 pounds, a full 30# aluminum cylinder weighs less than 53 pounds. GASCO can also provide on-site propane lift truck repair service to its Lift Truck Service customers. If your enterprise would like to take advantage of our Lift Truck Fueling Service, please contact us for further information.

Propane has long been used as a motor fuel. Using propane as a motor fuel has many advantages. Decreased emissions, extended engine service intervals, and operating cost advantages can all be gained when utilizing propane as a motor fuel. GASCO provides a full range of propane motor fueling options. From full fleet conversions to single air-cooled engine conversions, our carburetion technicians are the best in the business.

GASCO's Industrial Service Division performs design, installation and maintenance services. Whether it's a peak shaving stand-by plant, primary bulk storage facility, or a card-lock propane fueling system, GASCO Industrial Service Division is up to the task. Please contact us for details.

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